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Content development is the backbone of any sound SEO strategy and there is no substitute for quality content. Google and the other search engines want to display the highest quality, most targeted content to their users. A site with a large amount of high quality content has a natural advantage in the search engine results. It is particularly important for two reasons:
  1. More content means more text to rank and a larger “net” of potential keywords
  2. Quality content is much more likely to naturally get links from other websites. When sites see that you are a resource on your topic, you will naturally get blogs mentioning you in their posts, directories including you, and pr opportunities popping up.
Our content development programs are appropriate for sites that sell both products and services.

Content Development for Ecommerce Websites:

Ecommerce sites that offer value beyond the sale of their products have much more success in the search engines. Developing content can give your visitors more information about your products, help engage them with your company and draw in traffic that you normally would not receive.

Content Development for Product / Service Websites:

Search engines reward quality, unbiased content. If you sell widgets, a guide to the different types of widgets with articles about each will draw in many more visitors than a page describing the kind of widgets that you sell. It is important to offer more value to your visitors than just the description of your product or services. This can also help to engage customers in you brand. You can help to portray yourself as a thought leader in your niche and develop your content around that theme.

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Testimonials: They Have Masterfully Brought the Intangible to Life

Northstar Internet is the driving force behind the success of For over 3 years now, their experience, knowledge, and professionalism have developed a website and e-commerce system that has processed over millions of dollars in revenue. Starting with an idea and a workflow, they have masterfully brought the intangible to life using the latest web technologies and developing their own custom programming in the process. Over the years, the business relationship between KPi Entertainment, Inc. and Northstar has grown very strong because it is a relationship that was built on trust. No matter how many websites I launch, Northstar will always be our website hosting and web development company. I would never hesitate to recommend Northstar Internet to anyone who wants the absolute best.
Adam Wasserman
Founder and CEO, KPI Entertainment, Inc.